I have spent the past three years looking at the world of Interactive Documentary and assuming that because I am intrigued by documentary film and technology, this was the genre for me, but I am beginning to re-think.

I am not saying that I do not belong in the iDoc’s world but I have come to realize that it is just a part of what I want to teach and research.

I thought of interactive documentary as a new “genre” until reading a post on the iDocs site by Judith Aston, in which she discusses interactive documentary and describes it  as, ‘a term used to describe the new possibilities for both the construction and representation of ‘reality’ brought about by the human–computer interface’.  She goes on to say that for a documentary to be interactive a physical action must take place between the human and a computer.  And that the term like ‘interactive documentary’ or   ‘open documentary’ starts to become one under which a whole host of emerging genres and platforms might sit.

My interests lie in the connection between the emerging, creative, interactive tools of technology and documentary, journalism and storytelling.  This can happen on a website, theatre stage, art piece or any other conceivable platform.

Participation and sharing are key components to this connection.  As in any good media piece, you start with a good story and build on the story with the help of the world around you.  In order to do this, you incorporate the tools of interaction and invite participation and sharing.  Social media is also a key component to successful participation and advancement of the story.  Every story comes alive, grows, changes and will continue to live as long as there is a conversation to share.

I will continue to research this area to find the best ways to teach my students how to best communicate their stories using all available technologies.  I have changed this blog name to reflect  a more open-ended idea of this subject area.  A work in progress.

I welcome any thoughts and ideas.  I am also building a website that will reflect my teaching and ideas along with a place for sharing and interaction.  I will share this site in the near future.



Aston, J.(2016) Interactive Documentary-What does it Mean and Why does it Matter? Retrieved from:


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