Media Communications and Technology Share:New Website to Share and Learn Tools of Interactive Documentary/Journalism/Storytelling

Media Communications and Technology Share: New Website to Share and Learn Tools of Interactive Documentary/Journalism/Storytelling


Tools of Communications:

The world of media communications has changed rapidly over the past decade, and continues to change on a daily basis.

There was a time, not too long ago, that you had to have a degree in computer science to build and understand how web-based technologies aided in telling a story. Well, now there are many “consumer friendly” applications and resources out there, some-free and most- easy to use. These tools will help storytellers tell rich, interesting and interactive stories.

Sharing/Learning Website:

I have created a website for the communications/media student who may not be savvy in the area of digital technology but would like to use more interaction and applications in their work. It is a user-friendly guide that keeps in mind that applications must be easy to use and assimilate into reporting and storytelling. Most of these technologies are based on freemium models (free for trial or basic).

This site can also help the more knowledgeable technology users, as it will remain up-to-date based on the interaction of those in the field. Anyone is welcome to join in and share in his or her area of knowledge.

Breakdown of subjects at MCATshare:

  • Historical overview of Media Communications and technology
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • User-friendly rRsources for Web and Interaction for Communications
  • Working with and on Mobile applications
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality products
  • Animation
  • Gaming
  • Emerging Technologies in Learning
  • Social Media for Interaction
  • Analytics and Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Awareness/Civic Engagement/Social Change
  • Looking into the Future


Think About Social Awareness:

The title Media Communications and Technology is straight-forward and the subtitle, Understanding and Implementing the New Tools of Creation in Storytelling to Change the World, is the exciting part of this work.

Although you do not have to work this website’s teachings around the choosing of a non-profit or social awareness campaign, I am an advocate and believer that students have the ability and responsibility to help their community/society and what better way than to help those in need.

The idea is to use the tools of technology and storytelling to create social awareness, civic engagement and social change to some aspect of the student’s community and interests. This not only helps the student learn and grow as a creator of media or student of communications but it also gives an organization, in need of communications and media skills, the opportunity to work with local students and the future leaders in the field.

Please check out this new site, whether to learn something new, find teaching materials or share knowledge in your field.

Thank you!


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