Attention Non-Profits in Need-wait, is that Redundant?

The Cause:

I am re-designing a course for the Fall of 2016-Advanced Media Technologies. This course looks at using and implementing the new tools of interaction and storytelling to change the world.

  • I begin the course by asking students to choose a cause.
  • Next they create a mini-documentary about the cause, split into 3-5 individual segments.
  • House these segments on a website
  • They spend the semester using the emerging web-based tools and social media to create interaction, collaboration and connection for this cause.

What we do:

I am looking to build a list of causes (social awareness, non-profit) who would be interested in having a student build an interactive documentary style website, which would include:

  • mobile
  • augmented reality
  • beginning animation
  • gaming
  • learning tools

They will then create:

  • a social media tactical plan
  • search engine optimization
  • analytics for this site


Alternate Site:

If you already have a site and social media we will create an alternate (for our learning purposes) and link any questions, comments or donations back to you.

We will also share the site with you along the way so that you can give feedback and comments. The students will always be under the guidance of myself, Dr. Susan Cardillo, Doctorate in Computer Science-Emerging Media.

At the end of the course you can choose whether you would like to use the site, link to certain pages or ask to have it deleted.

Who can benefit:

If you already have a successful website and social media plan, this is probably not for you, but if you are new, could use some help or would just see what a talented student can do, we would love to put you on the list.


I am an advocate and believer that students have the ability and responsibility to help their society and what better way than to help those in need.  The idea is to use the tools of technology, journalism and storytelling to create social awareness, civic engagement and social change, to some aspect of the student’s community and interests.  This not only helps the student learn and grow as a creator of media and a student of communications but could also give an organization in need of communications and media skills the opportunity to work with local students and the future leaders in the field.

How to get involved:

Please check out my website

This site gives you a breakdown of the projects the student work on in this class.

If interested, please email me the name of your cause and if you have a website at: or

Thank you and enjoy this site.





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