Social Media Rules



Social Media Rules?

As a high school teacher for eight years, I made it a rule to not allow friending of students until they graduated.  I am now a college professor, who spends many hours lecturing on social media image and its effects on your life and career.

So, I have recently had a change of heart about allowing my current students to friend me on social media.  If I am going to lecture on the importance of conscious social media posting, shouldn’t I lead by example?   My constant mantra- Think Before You Post is something I truly attempt to live by.

As evidence of Curt Schilling’s firing from ESPN today, if you want to be respected for the work you do, you need to treat your social media as another outlet of yourself, just as you do your appearance and public image.

USAToday posted 5 simple rules of social media, but here is my favorite:

The Grandma, First Grader, Boss Rule

Ask yourself, “Would I want my grandma to see this post? What about a classroom full of first graders? My boss?” If the answer to any of those questions is ‘no,’ do not post it.

Here are a few things to consider with social media:

  • Once you put it out there, it’s there forever
  • Copyright infringement
  • What you say reaches a lot of people…including future employers
  • It is your calling card
  • Practice good grammar
  • Know about what you comment on
  • Know social media guidelines at your workplace
  • Create positive relationships-be careful who you connect with
  • Don’t lie or use misguided information…know your facts before posting

For teachers, here is a Prezi I use to talk to students about conscious social media:

The Road Ahead: with Social Media


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