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Hello Media Connections:

I have a student who is graduating in December and needs some advice. She wants to work in media and use it as a tool to educate society about different social topics.

She has a passion for fighting gender stereotypes, particularly in sports.

Her capstone included doing research about the negative effects stereotypes can have on male athletes.

She wants to work in the non-profit arena using documentary film as her vehicle.

You are all experts in this world, where should she start? What types of jobs or internships should she pursue?

She is smart and passionate and would make a wonderful advocate for any social cause, I am just trying to steer her in some good directions.

Here are some suggestions I have already given:

*Start blogging about your cause
*Create a website and social media around your cause
*Connect with any and all people who work in your cause
*Create your own short films, put them on your website and youtube and use social media          to connect people to them

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you.



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As an Assistant Professor of Mass Communications with a specialty in technologies of communications, I try to stay connected and researched in all the ways my students will be expected to communicate in the media field as they move into the industries that they choose.

But an expert? I am not sure if anyone can be an expert on emerging technologies for communications these days. Everything changes so quickly, as soon as I begin to learn something, there is something new to learn.

I work hard to know what is going on, up to the minute, in my field, but I believe that it is now up to all of us, as a collective, to learn and grow.

This is one of the things I really like about LinkedIn, I am able to have a community, specific to what I study and teach, that helps me to stay connected and learn everyday.

I began a website for sharing and learning technologies of communications. I wanted to create a place where we could all go and find answers, creations, information and knowledge about our collective areas of study.

The site consists of 12 areas of technology for learning and teaching:

  • Historical overview of Media Communications and technology
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • User-friendly Resources for Web and Interaction for Communications
  • Working with and on Mobile applications
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality products
  • Animation
  • Gaming
  • Emerging Technologies in Learning
  • Social Media for Interaction
  • Analytics and Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Awareness/Civic Engagement/Social Change
  • Looking into the Future

So, if you are an expert in one of these fields, or want to learn more…please share! We depend on each other to learn, grow, create and teach.

So, THANK YOU to my learning community. Please keep creating the wonderful posts I read each day and the information you share.