In Numbers Too Big to Ignore: Our Legacy of Peaceful Protest

As the march draws near…a bit of history.

Each Others shoulders

Demonstration against G8 Summit in Le Havre

“I am WOMAN hear me Roar, in numbers too big to ignore”

Helen Reddy

As we inch our way closer to the Women’s March on Washington, I thought it would be fitting to look at how your bodies and voices will make a difference.  Peaceful protest is, not only, our right as Americans but, it is how our voices are heard, understood, respected and how change is made.

Protected by the First Amendment and upheld over time as a cornerstone of our free society, the rights to assemble, protest, and petition continue to attract those who see injustice and upset those who do not understand.


Although there have been many amazing world protests such as Tienanmen Square, Gandhi’s Salt March and the Berlin Wall Protests, this post will look at some of America’s peaceful protests and their message.

Our history includes the civil rights movement, the student movement, the anti-Vietnam…

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