Social Media/Blogging


  • Sign up and set up your blog site
  • A blog is extremely important in becoming an influencer in your field
  • Blogs don’t come overnight, you need to plan, think and care
  • Start by reading and reviewing blog posts of current influencers in your field
  • Read updates, posts and shares from those you admire or who are successful in your field
  • Find a niche and become an expert at it
  • Use bitly when posting on social media – sign up for
  • Check out my blogpost on Writing a Blog: ly/AboutwritingBlogs



If you already have a Twitter account and you don’t want to start a new one create a List

Lists: This is where you will only see tweets from trendsetters and influencers in your “business”



Your Linkedin site should be ALL BUSINESS

You should post your blog on your Linkedin

Must haves:

Good photo

Professional looking background(fits your business)

Contact info should include your website and blog addresses




Ways to use:

Read posts and blog posts, make comments and like.  This will give       you ideas for your    own posts and blog posts

Jobs – will show any connections you have with a job post

Stats will help you see what industry you are attracting



Social Media Management Tool